Clinical Decision Support

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The Knowledge Analytics (KAI) Intelligence Framework is a suite of analytical tools (the Tool Suite) and a decision support Framework. Supporting technologies for building complex decision support systems include advanced rule-based services and big data analytics, including data mining and predictive analytics. It provides the tools to transform data into actionable knowledge that can be used to create systems that are truly intelligent, adaptive, and agile. The KAI Intelligence Framework has been shown to be highly useful in building CDS systems. Here is a diagram that depicts the major components of the framework.\n \n Using the KAI Tool Suite, we have teamed with several companies to create disease management and clinical decision support systems. For instance, we have worked with Vivace Healthcare Systems to develop Viva-Care: an interactive cloud-based Personal Health Record (iPHR) system that provides the means for patients and their physicians to collaborate in real time to deliver effective, coordinated, personalized management of chronic conditions. Viva-Care can process real-time data from bio sensors and patient reports using convenient mobile devices, and “fuse” this event data with longitudinal clinical data from caregivers, labs, pharmacies and multiple physicians to provide "actionable alerts/reminders/recommendations" that are succinct and relevant in helping patients deal with serious emerging health risks. The embedding of knowledge artifacts such as rules and analytics in multi-provider workflows and the use of smart phones, iPads and other mobile devices offers unprecedented opportunities to reduce medical errors resulting from uncoordinated care, improve safety and outcomes via the timely delivery of pro-active/preventive care.